GFR is an accountancy firm based in the Seine valley, in Mantes-la-Jolie for almost 50 years and in Paris for over 30 years. We work with a wide variety of clients, from an independent consultant to an SME with over 100 employees based in several countries.
Our clients are based mainly in Les Yvelines, Paris, Eure and the Ile-de-France region more generally, with a few elsewhere in France. We offer our clients the traditional range of services provided by accountancy firms (bookkeeping and review of accounts, production of annual financial statements, tax and social-security declarations etc.) plus at the very core of our business: customer service. We act as a partner and general adviser to the head of the business, helping them to run the company and avoid administrative, social, tax and legal pitfalls at a reasonable cost.


What makes us different is our standard of quality, the close relationship we build with our clients so that we understand their needs, and our responsiveness, experience and adaptability, all of which stem from the size of the firm and our approach.
We work in a multicultural environment, thanks to our location in Mantes-La-Jolie and being part of the Kreston International network, but also the diverse cultural origins of some of our customers (European and North African, as well as Asian). We are experienced in dealing with problems that are sometimes far removed from our traditional areas of work, as was the case, for example, in sorting out the affairs of a deer farm in 2016, selling several properties for a non-resident client or currently, the application of strenuous work criteria.
As a result, we develop strong relationships with our clients and have achieved a retention rate of 99%, as well as regularly gaining new clients by word of mouth.
Our satisfaction comes from customer satisfaction.

  • Advice on personnel management,
  • Terminating a contract of employment (warnings, contractual termination and redundancy procedure),
  • Setting up staff representatives or a works council,
  • Job analyses to check whether employees’ work falls within the scope of the 10 strenuousness criteria,
  • Assistance with obtaining work permits for foreign employees.
  • Assistance with administrative paperwork, for example renewing the authorisation for a vehicle demolition business threatened with closure.
  • Production and filing of documentation on accessibility for disabled people,
  • Property management and debt recovery assistance
  • Personal tax returns for clients and their families
  • Solidarity wealth tax (ISF) returns
  • Regularisation of foreign accounts
  • Assistance with corporate or director’s tax inspections
  • Company formation (SNC, SARL, SAS)
  • Registered office service for businesses: we are accredited by Les Yvelines prefecture for the Mantes-la-Jolie office
  • Legal secretarial services (annual general meetings, change of directors or company objects, transfer of registered office, merger, universal transfer of assets (TUP) etc.)

Our teams

  • Chair
  • Accountant
  • Statutory auditor


Head of Operations

  • Benjamin VIALAY

Internal and Social Affairs Manager

  • Layala DJILALI


  • Alice BRIGONET
  • Gaëlle COLIN
  • Edith LESSARD
  • Nathalie PERONNY
  • Susana RODRIGUEZ

is member of

Ordre des experts-comptables, conseil supérieur
Ordre des experts-comptables, Région Paris Île-de-France